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We started with the issue of living space. In a house it has got its certain, significant meaning. We wanted the apartment to become something more than an assembly of bedrooms. In some cases, where it was necessary, we decided that it’s worth to sacrifice some of the bedroom space in favor of having bigger living area. An issue that is closely knit to that is zoning. This modernist approach establishes that the ground floor serves as the main living space and the first floor seem to be more calm and private. In this way having two or more floors significantly increases spatiality of a house.

The questions about privacy spread also outside the apartments. A perfect villa situation is having a private access from the street, which is impossible to achieve for every apartment in a block of more than 3 floors. We resigned from having a shaft in the stairwell through the whole height of the building to avoid an overwhelming feeling of possessing only a cell in a big structure.

What was mentioned before, one of the biggest predominance of a villa is the access to four sides. It creates an opportunity to take advantage of different light qualities in one apartment- having the living room to the south-west, bedroom to the east and working space or a library to the north. Another important thing is the outdoor space. It often happens that when a balcony in a flat is too small or even too narrow, it becomes unused or- what is even worse- finds its use as a storage. We tried to give our loggias reasonable sizes and proportions, so that it is possible to put there an ordinary table or a deck chair. They are big enough to hold a function of a small cultivation area, also thanks to their good light conditions. Loggias are always in the corners- the most valuable places- organizing the living area. An important area that encompasses certain outdoor qualities is the roof. It is divided into two parts. One of them is a penthouse with a full terrace, and the second serves as a winter garden and also a terrace for the apartment below.

Project in collaboration with arch. Wojciech Purski.

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